By Logging into the DCS2 Admin Panel and installing it on your region you agree to the following terms of service/use.

1.You agree to not disallow any dcs weaponry unless you have a valid RP reason to do so. An example of this would be the flame thrower in a medieval sim.
2.You agree to not sell levels, xp, powers, stats or any char modifications for lindens or any form of currency which could be transformed into real world currency.
3.You agree to report any exploits or bugs when possible to make the system better.
4.You agree that DCS is a at will service which can be terminated by DCS2 Staff or your staff at any time with or without notice. 
5.DCS2 Holds no liability for the integrity of the data or gives any warrenty to the data stored here. You should make backups of your own data. 
	if something happens to the data we can do a restore at a service charge depending of the size of your data. Most of teh time such a thing is free.
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